Who is encouraged to participate?

  • Young professionals who would like to improve their technique and interpretation skills
  • Students who audition for entry exams in a higher education institute
  • Younger students who are already on a professional track
  • Professional concert pianists who would like to participate in a masterclass setting
  • Students who are currently studying in a higher educational institute
  • Students preparing for national and international competition


The course fee for every session is 550 EUR per student. This includes

  • 5 personal masterclasses with Dr. Yossi Reshef,
  • sitting in the other classes,
  • participating in the evening classes and
  • playing in the final concert.

We understand some students need to divide the payment. Therefore it is possible to pay the first installment of 300 EUR at your application and the remaining 250 EUR before the first day of the classes.


Please send us the application form with your information and suggested repertoire. Your repertoire will be approved by Dr. Yossi Reshef and you will get an e-mail approval from us. Before the class starts please send a short biography (4-5 sentences) and a photo that we could use for the final concert and for our website.

Required Repertoire

Your repertoire should include about 3-5 different pieces, or movements, preferably from different epochs. The bigger the variety you bring to the class the better your experience will be. A list of the repertoire, we will work on, will be published in advance. The pieces can be memorized but it is not required. The students are required to bring two copies of their pieces so that it is easier to work during the class.

Special Evening Classes

During the class there will be evening classes for all the participants.There will be a workshop on technique, where each student can bring a difficult passage from one of his pieces, a discussion on performing in front of an audience, and about career development.

Final Concert

At the end of the class there will be a public concert. Everyone in the class is encouraged to play a piece out of his program, which will be chosen together with Dr. Yossi Reshef.

Location and Practicing Facilities

The Berlin International Master Classes takes place Akademie für Künste (Potsdamer Straße 199, 10783 Berlin). Practice rooms are located on the same floor as the room, where the classes taking place. Practice rooms can be used, for secure your practicing possibility, we recommend to book rooms in advance through the academy office at an additional price. Please inquire with us should you need help in booking.

Important Dates

Registration deadline: January 18, 2019 *

Welcome Dinner: February 17, 2019 08:00 P.M.

Registration: February 18, 2019 at 12:00 P.M. **

Final concert: February 23, 2019 07:00 P.M.

*) You can still apply after the deadline. We cannot guarantee your participation after that but in case of cancellations or if the class is not full we could consider your application.
**) All students will play on the first day of class and are required to come for the registration at 12:00 P.M.

Travel and Accommodation

Each student is responsible for their own accommodation and travel. Should you need our assistance, we would be happy to help you find accommodation in the city in a hotel or in a private flat.

Photo and Film

Some parts of the classes will be filmed and photos will be taken, as well as on the final concert. If you’re interested to get the video material, it will be possible. Therefore the material can also be used for the webpage of the masterclass. In case you don’t want to be shown anywhere, please tell us in advance of the class.


Am I required to sit in all the classes?

There will be 3 hour sessions twice a day, and an evening activity. Each student is required to sit in the full session he is playing in. The classes are usually designated to a certain topic, style or composer (for example a session on Mozart, a session on impressionistic music etc). It is highly encouraged to sit through the entire course.

Can I bring a concerto?

Yes, We have two pianos in the class. Sometimes students can accompany each other If you bring a concerto you might be expected to accompany another student who will also accompany you when you play your concerto. It is possible to bring just the solo part of a piano concerto.

Can I just bring a passage from a work?

Yes, this is actually recommended for the workshop on technique where we will solve a set of difficult passages.