The International Berlin Piano Masterclass is a piano course guided by concert pianist Dr. Yossi Reshef. During 7 days, Dr. Reshef will work intensively with every student improving their interpretation, technique, practicing methods and performance skills. Each student will get to perform in 5 masterclasses with Dr. Reshef, in the workshops (technique, performance, and interpretation), and also in the final concert which will be open to the general public on the last evening of the course.

This makes the Berlin International Piano Masterclass a unique course and a wonderful opportunity to develop personally, artistically and to build your professional contacts



  • Students who audition for entry exams in a higher education institute.
  • Young professionals who would like to improve their technique and interpretation.
  • Professional concert pianists who are preparing a solo recital or a concerto performance with an orchestra.
  • Students preparing for national and international competitions.
  • Younger students who are interested in becoming pianists.
  • Students who are currently studying in a higher educational institute.
  • Professional concert pianists who would like to participate in a masterclass setting.

Each student will receive five 45 minutes masterclasses with Dr. Yossi Reshef. The students will play in a public setting, in front of their colleagues, and in front of the public on five different days, with one free day for each student. All students will play on the first and the last day, and participate in the final class concert.

In order to enrich your experience, in addition to the lessons, the piano course consists of three evening workshops:

  1. Technique workshop- Each student brings a difficult technical passage from their repertoire, that will be thoroughly discussed and solved.
  2. Interpretation workshop- Each student can bring a short phrase from their repertoire. This will be discussed from a view point of Phrasing, expression and timing.
  3. Performance and career development workshop- The subjects of the process of performing, and how to develop a career in classical piano will be discussed with all the students.

All students welcome to participate in the workshops.

The course will end  on sunday 12.9.2021 with the final concert with all the class participants, which will be open to the public. Dr. Yossi Reshef will decide together with each participant, which piece will be presented in the Concert Program.


Each student is expected to bring the repertoire he has worked on in the past few months. This usually includes 4-5 different movements from different periods or different composers. Another possibility is to bring 2-3 complete pieces. It is also possible to bring a concerto as our teaching class has two pianos. Please send us your suggested repertoire when you apply for the course. You can already plan which pieces you would like to work on in each class and we will be happy to advise you and choose a plan for your masterclasses with Dr. Reshef.

The course fee is 650 Euros per student. It includes active participation in 5 masterclasses, all the evening workshops, and participating in the final concert. 




The course takes place at the Akademie für Künste, Berlin (ASK), the Concert will be at NEMTSOV&NEMTSOV Gallery and will be open for the general public . Practicing facilities are right next to the teaching hall, and you can reserve them directly at the ASK office. Please mark ‘practicing needed’ to get more information or if you need assistance in your booking.



Dr. Yossi Reshef is an international Concert Pianist, Piano Pedagogue, Conductor and Composer. He is an active performer, in both recitals and concertos worldwide. His passion for sharing and teaching talented young professionals has brought him to give numerous master classes in the United States, Europe, the Far East and South Africa, teaching hundreds of students, focusing on interpretation and practicing methods.




You can also send us an email to berlinpianomasterclass@gmail.com (you can click the email to get an email link).